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My Favorite Non-Toxic Products!


Primal Kitchen products are nothing short of amazing.  Their entire line is full of chemical-free, real food ingredients including dressings, oils, bars, probiotics, and many more that taste amazing!  Founder Mark Sisson is one of my favorite people to follow and support.  He is a good human being who wants to help educate others on how to take control of their health.  My kind of guy.  Click here to get 10% off your purchase with code BREAKFREE!


Andy Hnilo is another one of the "good guys".  I have spoken with him several times and it's clear to me that he is doing things the right way and actually cares about his customers.  Just a few short years ago he was filling my orders personally from his studio apartment! The entire Alitura skincare line contains the best ingredients I have seen anywhere, and the testimonials on his website are full of nothing but 5-star reviews.  Click here to support a guy who gives back, and for amazing looking skin!

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