Break-Free Package 

Digging Deeper


The Break-Free option allows us to dig deeper and really crank things up.  You will submit two labs:

  1. A gut microbiome assessment to determine what your microbes are actively doing right now.

  2. A GI-Map to look for any pathogens and other "bad bugs" that may be present and hurting your health.


Taking a good, hard look at the status of your individual gut health and acting accordingly is a powerful approach to restoring balance & optimizing health. 


You will learn which foods to eat, which foods to avoid, and which (if any) supplements your microbes need to create health for you.  Its easy, straightforward, and takes advantage of the latest scientific technology.

You will also learn if you have any parasites, bacteria, fungus  or anything else that is causing dysbiosis and allowing opportunistic bugs to flourish when they need to be kept in check or eliminated altogether.


The Break-Free Package includes everything in the Foundation Package plus:


  • 8 one-on-one, 50-minute client sessions in person or online

  • Nutritional interpretation of lab work and intake forms

  • Bio-individual, 120-day custom-built health protocol

  • Free gift at the halfway point!