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1 on 1 Health Packages starting at $495


**Client sessions held virtually or at Cafe of Life Chiropractic

This package is all about the foundations of optimal health and wellness.  We will focus on the powerful lifestyle changes that allow the body to heal naturally and perform optimally. Learning to make these changes a part of your everyday life is the key to creating health. Learn to thrive, not just survive.


Here we build upon the Foundation Package by digging deeper.  This root cause approach helps to remove "hidden stressors" that are holding back your health.  Utilizing 2 different labs we take a serious look at your gut microbiome and make sure you are eating right for you, as well as removing any "bad bugs" that are causing problems.


This is the ultimate package to re-claim and/or optimize your health.  Along with additional lab work, it also includes an in-depth look at environmental toxins. Everyday products we use are connected to disease and poor health.  Learn how to avoid them and how to choose which ones are safe for you and your family.  Includes 10 free PDF toxin guides from my coursework

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