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Celebrating those who have broken free and taken control of their health!

"Bart has been amazing in helping me find out more about my body and all of the crazy factors that lead to health issues!

For the first time in a decade, my blood sugar is out of the "prediabetic" range woo-hoo!  My chronic skin issues have also drastically improved during our work together, and I am sensitive to many fewer foods.

Working with Bart is always a learning experience, and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the great information.  He is awesome with follow up on action items, as well as identifying next steps.  The hardest part is waiting for lab results!"

Jennifer C.
Longmont, CO

"I found Bart online when looking for a Functional type of Health Coach, and we began to work together virtually as I live out of state.  I wanted to do lab work with someone who was trained to look at my results from a "holistic perspective".  Nothing against my doctor, I was just tired of the drugs.

Bart is very good at what he does, and incredibly patient.  We were able to identify several "hidden stressors" that were holding me back, and I learned great new ways to move my body.  This was a game-changer for me considering my insane work schedule.  These were techniques that took much less time, yet provided better results!

Overall I am doing much better with work still to do.  I recommend Bart to anyone who is looking for help with their health.  He is able to dig deep if necessary and understands and teaches his clients that they have the ability to heal themselves."

Tony J.
Las Vegas, NV


"Bart was great to work with and knows his stuff!  He is very passionate about sharing his knowledge when it comes to helping others.  He listened to what my goals were and worked compassionately to help me achieve eating better, taking care of my gut, and actually getting off prescription medications!  I would definitely recommend him if you are looking to improve your health and your life!"

Leslie M.
Loveland, CO

"When I first met Bart I was very sick from chronic indigestion, acid reflux, and food sensitivities.  I also had no energy from not getting enough sleep at night because of my condition.  I tried many doctors, homeopaths, and naturopaths to get some answers.  Bart helped me a lot with his labs, interpretation, and coaching program.
One of the biggest discoveries being that I had a severe reaction to many nightshade vegetables.  He is very passionate about helping people reach their goals to feel better.  He is diligent and has done much research on nutrition and healing.  He truly listens, and I feel much better after working with him!"
Gloria W.
Longmont, CO 

"We were not created to do life's struggles alone."  It is good to have someone to walk by your side to help us figure out those struggles whether physical or emotional.  Not all doctors may have time to listen to our aches and pains, as well as even those we are closest to.

This is where Bart Thurman comes in.  After years of trying different "diets" and exercise programs, Bart brought me back to the basics.  Simple food, simple movement was what I needed.  Yes, there were the labs that gave much information as well as some supplements to get me on the path to health, but his thoughtfulness and listening ear is what challenged me to do better for myself.

Life is a journey and getting healthy is a process, but it's a journey and process I now enjoy more!  Whether it's taking a meditative early morning walk or a conversation with God under a starry and moonlit sky, I thank Bart for helping me realize that in our fast-paced culture, slow and steady is what gets us back to being who we were meant to be!  Thanks, Bart!"

Tara T.
Longmont, CO

"Working with Bart was great! During his program, I was able to lose nearly 20 lbs and keep it off which has been a struggle for me.  I have much better, consistent energy levels and this helps with EVERYTHING I do in my life.

I was also able to heal myself from a very personal health condition which drugs had done nothing for.  This really surprised me.  The right food truly is medicine.  I have a lot fewer aches and pains, and my tennis elbow has improved dramatically!

In addition to this, we ended up working on things in my life I didn't quite anticipate, which has helped me tremendously to become a more rounded, whole, happier, and balanced person.  Bart's patience, understanding, and ability to truly listen to me was very satisfying and rare.  This is something I never experienced in a doctor's office.  Thank you for making such a difference in my life!"

Brad T.

Boulder, CO

"One five minute conversation with Bart would show you he is truly passionate.


I considered myself a healthy person going into coaching with Bart, but I came out feeling better which I didn't think was possible! I love running and when I ran I could run faster and farther than I had before, with less training! Because my body was working that much better! Specifically in the area of digestion, having less pain and gas is something you don't realize is so valuable until it's gone!


What I learned with Bart was a perfect example of how small changes add up. Bart has so much knowledge and if you took all the information he has and only acted on two or five percent of it, I guarantee you, you will see results. Take a chance and dive deep, because you really, really don't understand until you... break free."

Emma L.

Loveland, CO

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