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Top Strategies To Create A "Resilient" Body And Mind

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Want to be more resilient? Start by following intelligent, open-minded people.

I love following Functional Medicine Docs who went to medical school, but also clearly understand that our medical system is broken so can look past it. I also follow other well-educated, well-researched individuals who don’t have “white lab coat syndrome” and are not tied to big food or big pharma, nor are they zealots of any kind.

For example, being a hard-core vegan simply does not work for everyone, nor does being strictly keto. That being said I have learned a lot from both camps. Thanks to the vegan community I eat a lot more plants than I used to. Thanks to the keto camp I continue to eat a lot more healthy fats and fewer carbs.

Dr. Hyman, pictured above, eats what he calls a “pegan diet”, lol, a mix of paleo, vegan, and keto. The paleo tribe taught me about high-quality meat and its many benefits. Now, this is something that works for me, it’s also called JERFing (Just Eating Real Food). I know I feel better with variety, something that covers all my bases.

Back in February, I wrote an article about cold thermogenesis in relation to being more resilient here. This is another excellent way to help your body and brain deal with life and come out ahead. We absolutely have to practice “hormesis” if we expect to be strong and healthy in mind and body. That is, we need to be uncomfortable some of the time because this makes us stronger.

What’s another way I have learned to be resilient? Biohacking. By definition, biohackers tend to be more unbiased, but they have their zealots too. This is the belief that we have the ability to program our biology to do much more of what we want it to. This includes Epigenetics, which is the science around “flipping our genes” (regardless of the genes you were born with) towards excellent health by how we live our lives. Cool.

One of my favorite biohacks to create resilience is intermittent fasting. The science is very strong around the powerful benefits that come as a result of this practice. The biggest one is autophagy where your body cleans up the damaged cells and toxins much more efficiently. This helps you regenerate newer, healthier ones. Talk about disease prevention, wow.

To be more resilient try one of the biohacks below:

  • Follow open-minded, intelligent people

  • Cold thermogenesis

  • JERFing

  • Biohack with intermittent fasting

We all want to be empowered because it feels good. It gives us confidence, peace of mind, and greatly reduces feelings of helplessness and anxiety. Learning how to be resilient is the very definition of empowerment in my opinion because EVERYTHING one does on a daily basis is, well, easier.

There is a flow to things and an ability to face and overcome. Resilient people live much longer, better, productive, and happy lives. Just look at the Blue Zones around the world for powerful examples of this.

Just going through the motions and/or totally relying on stimulants or drugs just to get by? Tired of being tired? Does everything seem like a fight just to accomplish it? Feeling okay but are not happy with where you are at?

Join me and Emma from @emmalombardiwellness on Instagram Live this Thursday, July 1st at 6:30 pm MST to learn more including my number one way to be more resilient! Please bring your questions should you have any, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram below where I post on all manner of health topics on a weekly basis!

Break-Free, Bart Thurman, FDN-P, INHC, AFDNP Functional Health Coaching Cafe of Life Chiropractic 1325 Dry Creek Drive #307 Longmont, CO 80503 Office: 720-849-0124 Website: Instagram: @bart_breakfreewellness

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